On my trip to Vermont in late September, I found very little foliage as it was going to be very late this year due to the very warm Fall.  However, I did find some nice colored leaves surrounding some old barn doors which I found very colorful.  Also, I happened to find an old abandoned house while driving down a country road which had a beautiful  red leaf vine hanging on the side of the house.

Vermont is also known for it’s covered bridges. Here are a couple of shots of covered bridges I came across in my travels thru northern Vermont.


On the first morning in St Johns , Newfoundland, we headed out on a 30 minute drive to see the famous Cape Spear Lighthouse and we were not disappointed.  The weather could not have been better for Photography.  We had it all: fog, stormy clouds, some blue sky, and a very dramatic, changeable sky.

Here are a few shots of the beautiful Cape Spear Lighthouse taken at different times with different perspectives.

This next image is of a fog bank on the ocean  which seems to be following an ocean freighter into St Johns Harbor.

It was a great first morning of our 2 week photography adventure around the great province of Newfoundland., Canada.