Sunset along the Maine Coast

On my recent trip to the Maine coast, I stayed in a small fishing village called Stonington, which happens to lead the state in pounds and dollar value of lobster landings .  It’s harbor supports more than 300 Lobster boats.  In close proximity to the harbor is a beautiful  beach and cove called Sand Beach.  These are some of the images captured one night during a beautiful sunset…  Hope you enjoy!  To view additional images from this beautiful area in Maine, Please CLICK HERE.

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What is this… Follow Up

Well, the photo below should clearly identify what the original photo was.. It was a close-up of a Dandelion. Most of you clearly identified it correctly. There was one person (Ed Esposito) who correctly identified it using the scientific term of Taraxacum.  So, if you want to use different terminology to identify a Dandelion, you can impress your friends/family  by using the word TARAXACUM!  Thanks, Ed…. and thanks to those who participated.

Original Photo….

Cape Cod in March

Here are a few images from my weekend trip down to Cape Cod.  This first one is sunrise at the Sagamore Bridge, which is 1 of 2 bridges that connects the Cape to the mainland.

This next one is the boardwalk going out to Scusset Beach in Bourne.

The sand dunes at Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable.

Entrance to a Falmouth Beach

Nobska Lighthouse near Woods Hole

Photos of the Week

I took a drive this past weekend to the north shore of Massachusetts.  I was walking on Wingersheek beach in Gloucester at sunset during high tide, and unfortunatley, the sunset was not over the ocean. So I just happened to turn around and saw this path leading to the parking lot with these 2 trees on each side of the path with the beautiful sky as a background.

This next image is from Plum Island in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Liked the stormy sky against the lighter sand and snow on the beach.

The next image is of the famous fish shack at Rockport harbor.

Cape Cod Canal

Well, I just had to get out there this weekend to get my Photography fix in….  So, I took a drive down to the Cape Cod Canal early Saturday AM to see what I could capture.  There were a few early morning clouds around,  but the clouds soon dissipated leaving a mostly clear blue sky to my dismay.  So, here are a couple of photos of the Sagamore Bridge, and one taken along the beach.

So, since this post is about the Cape Cod Canal, I thought I would include a photo that was taken a couple of years ago from the shore near Mass Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay.


Well, it has been so cold here and getting even colder, my thoughts turned to Ice.  I thought back to my trip to Newfoundland where there were icebergs floating along the coast.  These Icebergs break off the glaciers in Greenland and float down along the coast of Newfoundland. 

Photos of the Week – First Snow

We had the first snow of the season on Saturday, December 9th.  It was a light snowstorm, maybe amounting to about 3 inches.  I got up early Sunday AM to see if I could capture the beauty of the snow on the trees.  I found a small river near my house that seemed perfect for capturing this kind of scene.

The next photo is more of an impressionistic winter scene.  It is a reflection of the snow covered trees and the blue sky and clouds in the small river.